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Social media success stories happen without strategy, budget or planning.

But... only for celebrities, cats and the marketing equivalent of lottery winners. The rest of the world needs a marketing plan and a layered media approach. And patience.

Easy as Pi. Despite the (seemingly) many examples of stratospheric social success stories that can be found, with only a little analysis, one discovers that super-bowl budgets, celebrity champions and vast teams of promoters are what really fuel these so called viral phenomena. And it’s only very rarely that a brilliant idea, a cultural curiosity, or just a freak of digital nature, catches fire spontaneously.

Our approach is not new(s). We believe that the addition of vast numbers of powerful and shiny new media hasn’t fundamentally changed marketing. We believe that any marketing initiative should begin the way it always has - with a strategy (not a lottery) and, a thoughtful, effective marketing strategy is rarely isolated in a single medium or tactic.

Know your product. Know your market. Know your target. And from that knowledge, craft a strategic, layered marketing approach that utilizes different media for their distinct strengths.

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Me and my toilet paper. A social opportunity?

We might really like our toilet paper, but we will never Like it or Follow it or broadcast our experience with it to our friends. “The Top 5 Ways to Succeed With Facebook!” (or Twitter, or LinkedIn, or...) are not just-add-water success generators and not every brand is a social opportunity.  To be fair, we have recently shared a funny video ad for toilet paper, but that was more like telling a joke than making a commitment to a brand. 


(and repeat)

Engage & Inspire. Our Portfolio speaks to our philosophy that any successful marketing must do two (and only two) things. Whether a matchbook cover, a tweet or a Super Bowl spot, the marketing message must first convince the viewer, reader or prospect that it is worthy of their attention. It must engage. And second, it must convince the prospect to take some action that they would not otherwise have chosen to do. It must inspire.

To view our full portfolio, please click any image.

The law of diminishing returns.

We’re not social naysayers, just media realists. 58 Million Tweets and less then 2 % even get seen (let alone acted upon).  Despite billions of Facebook posts & shares, distribution of messages is throttled to limit exposure. Unlike the press of yore, where increased distribution meant increased viewership, the bigger a social medium gets, the more unwieldy it becomes.

Our Clients

Over the years we’ve been lucky to work on many great brands and businesses of all sizes and types.

Volvo Dealers Association, Grisanti’s Italian Restaurants, American Express, American Express Travel, Mastercard, Telus, Campbell’s Soup, Molson Indy, Ontario Science Centre, Shoppers Drug Mart OMNIMAX Theatre, Eastern Airlines, Sunoco, Sunoco Home Energy, Suncor Energy, Pointcast Canada, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, 407ETR, Toyota Trucks, Lexus Canada, Volkswagen, British Tourist Authority, Coca-Cola, Minute Maid, IKEA, Isee3D, Chrysler, Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada, Unitel, Royal Bank, SunLife Financial, World Federation of Pediatric Intensive & Critical Care Societies, Levis, Kellogg’s, Renault, TV Ontario, Fiberglas Canada, Ontario Egg Marketing Board, Mazda, Canadian Tire, Hunt Wesson, Fuji, Orville Redenbacher, Biotonix,, Caffeine Management, Purolator, Rowntree, Balchen Chiropractic Clinic, Mattamy Homes, Sony Canada, EnerQuality, Applanix Corporation, Enbridge Gas Distribution, Seagram’s, Veridian, The Bauhub, EMPIRE Homes, Town of Milton Economic Development, One Health Clubs, Walden Homes, Town of the Blue Mountains, Mohawk College...

To name a few.

Shift Advertising

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A few key words for you Google

There is no question that battling it out for key words while hoping to move up the organic search rankings is a strategy that can work. But it’s just as true that it absolutely cannot work for everyone (there are only so many spots above the fold) and search supremacy typically requires an unsustainable (for many companies) level of ongoing effort with multiple social sites, linking strategies, review management and much more.

There are other ways to drive qualified traffic to websites - let’s discuss what might work for your business.



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